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​​​The trusted authority andleading innovator inAircraft MajorStructural Repair.


Complete aircraft Repair - Fuselage, Wings, Control Surfaces

High quality structural sheet metal repairs made to your aircraft by extremely talented and skilled mechanics.


Our parts department can track down and find even the most difficult to come by parts. We also have access to a large supply of new surplus as well as serviceable parts. When you call just ask for Brad in our parts department for the best service anywhere.

Landing Gear Repair

We repair all aircraft landing gear systems. Should your landing gear assembly need repair or specialized inspection we work closely with a certified repair facility that specializes in landing gear.

Engine Repair/Overhaul

Should your engine need repair, inspection or overhaul we work closely with several certified engine repair shops.

Paint Shop

Our highly skilled, talented and meticulous painter will match each color and paint your aircraft to match original color and scheme blending for a perfect paint job on top of a perfect repair.

Pilot Services

Aircraft ferry service is available for all types of aircraft. 

Aircraft Retrieval

If your aircraft is not ferriable, often we can perform on site repairs to get your aircraft in a ferriable condition. We also have a dedicated crew that can disassemble your aircraft onsite and transport it back to our facility for repair.

Modifications and Alterations

We can accomplish any modification, alteration, STC you would like to add to your aircraft.

Corrective Work

Our team can redo a previously poorly done repair and return your aircraft back in an airworthy condition.

Specialized Inspections

Our experienced IAs can perform specialized inspections like hard landings, lightning strikes, hidden damage, excessive turbulence, excessive G force and more.

Annual Inspections/General Maintenance

While your aircraft is in for repair we can perform an annual inspection or do any general maintenance you may require.